About Bishop Dr. Dawn Trimm Jones

Bishop Dr. Dawn Trimm Jones was born the last of 16 children, in the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago. Her parents were hard workers who passed their work ethic along to their children. Family chores, church attendance, and reading were the standard rule. Dr. Jones was a sickly child and experienced many hardships growing up. Anxious to find her own way, she left Trinidad for America as soon she became of age and joined the military.

God became very real to her during this season of her life. She married, started a family, and began fulfilling her mandate to be an ambassador of the kingdom, teaching the word of God with great authority, seeing healings, deliverances, transformations and lives restored. In 1987, she founded Christian Outreach Center, later know as Bethe’l Family Worship Center, a unique church, where training and hands on experience produces mature, seasoned ministers, with a mind to work the kingdom of God.

Praised for her passion for the word of God, admired for her disciplined lifestyle of prayer and study, recognized globally as a prophetic voice, this author, teacher, intercessor, TV, radio, and internet personality, is most acclaimed for her sacrificial, undying love and compassion for others. Going far above the call of the pastorate, Dr. Jones has dedicated the better part of her life to feeding and clothing the poor, giving hope, love and second chances to the abused, the deserted, and the forgotten. From infants to the aged, runaways, orphans, foster care children, homeless individuals and families, have found shelter under her wings. She has worked tirelessly to feed them, educate them, and bring hope into their hearts again. She has housed many a man, just released from prison, with no family, no home and no job to return to. She has cared for local veterans who have fallen through society’s cracks. She has provided food, clothing and free of charge housing to homeless individuals, for the entire span of her 30+ years in ministry, reaching alcoholics and drug abusers alike, even providing shelter for entire families.

She is an advocate for all, but her greatest calling is to children. She is determined to bring them the safety, peace and calm, that she longed for as a child, by providing them an environment free of racial and cultural divides, fear and intimidation. Dr. Jones envisions a place where individual hopes and dreams are not only encouraged, but realized, and made possible in tangible ways. By raising up critical thinkers who are problem solvers, empathetic, compassionate, strong and resilient, this woman of small stature with a heart as big as the sky, believes that any child can become a mature, stable, confident and successful adult. By learning integrity, conflict resolution, time management, and self-awareness, she believes any young person, regardless of race, gender, culture or social status, can become a leader in their own right.

She means to give to children everywhere, the advantages that she herself could have so appreciated and benefited from early in life. Establishing a skill center, will aid her in teaching young people how to overcome the disadvantages, pitfalls and many challenges, that are faced by today’s high-risk youth. Dr. Jones intends to change the equilibrium of statistics for their good, watching our young men and women move from a category of those projected to experience poverty, divorce, and imprisonment, to a category of those projected to become business entrepreneurs, with successful careers and a stable home life.

With the help of mature, seasoned, proven role models, this skill center will teach boys and girls how to make their own money, run their own household, use wisdom when making large purchases, plan for retirement, care for their family, and perform practical everyday skills like cooking and sewing, changing a flat tire or putting oil in the car. There will be opportunity to express themselves through the arts, with a music program that incorporates musical instruments, voice training, music reading, dance and drama. Also, there will be room for the outdoors, as working with animals will be high on the list of positive experiences, bringing mental and emotional health and wellbeing, especially to those suffering with any type of abuse or PTSD. Learning how to ride and handle a horse, will be a privilege afforded to every child, that participates in the program.

Dr. Jones is an angel among us, a woman who honors, promotes, and encourages everyone she meets. She sees the value--the hidden treasure--in each life. She feels the pain of others, and she loves each one deeply, but this is a woman who does more than just care. This is a woman who doesn’t give up, who will not rest, quit or give in. Always determined to see a life changed, she does more than just care; she does whatever it takes to bring the change.